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In order to participate in Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse in the Spring at the competitive high school level, you must: 

1. Be in grades 9-12 for the 2018-2019 school year. Middle schoolers are invited to join the Pinnacle middle school team!


2. Be permanent residents of the State of Arizona.


3. Reside in a location that is closer to Pinnacle High School than any other public high school with a girls lacrosse program.


4. Have a valid US Lacrosse Number good thru 5/2018.


5. Complete the AIA Concussion Certificate.



Any coach/team representative that is approached by a player wishing to transfer teams will direct the player to the Executive Committee of the AZGLA Board of Directors, who in its sole discretion will determine the merits of the transfer request.
Coaches/Team Representatives shall not render any opinion to the player who contacts them as to the merits of the request.


Any coach/team representative giving an opinion will be subject to disciplinary action as determined appropriate by the Executive Committee.


Current players playing for teams during the past season are grandfathered in, and this ruling will not apply to them.